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Great Google Searching

Search tips on getting the best results from Google. Creator(s): Sharron Stapleton Creative Contributor(s): Alice Steiner

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How to Search the A+ Education Database

Step-by-step instructions showing you how to find relevant journal articles in the A+ Education database. Search by topic or by author. Creator(s): Denise Frost, Thi Hoang

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4 Tips for Awesome Searching

4 easy tips to get better results from searching - in Library Search and library databases. Creator(s): Alice Steiner

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Film, Screen and Animation Databases: Film Indexes Online [Proquest]

Creator(s): Ellen Thompson

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Get Better Results with QuickFind Advanced Search

A short screen cast showing how to use the advanced search interface of Quickfind [interface current as at Feb 2017] Creator(s): Alice Steiner

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KWB208: Refresher on searching - Tutorial workshop

This video recaps the content covered in the tutorial workshop for KWB208, held in the Library on the 28th April 2016. The video concentrates on tips and techniques for more information searching,…

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Google VS The Library

The pros of using the Library which has high quality, freely available books and journal articles for assignment research. Alternative title: Use the best assignment resources Creator(s): Alice…

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