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Liaison Librarians : Partners in Teaching at QUT

QUT Library is proud of the quality of our library liaison service. The library liaison service is the outreach arm of the library. Hear from fellow academics who attest to the librarian’s…

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Non-Traditional Research Data: Interview with Dr Karike Ashworth (QUT Library)

In this video Dr Karike Ashworth talks about her research by creative practice and how she identified and managed her non-traditional research data.

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IBIS World - Risk Reports

How to find Australian Industry Risk ratings by structure, growth and sensitivity Creator(s): Chris Norlander

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Passport GMID - Consumer Information

Finding reports on your consumer behaviour segmenting by geography and industry. Provides statistics and analysis. Creator(s): Christ Norlander, Madelin O'Sullivan

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Great Google Searching

Search tips on getting the best results from Google. Creator(s): Sharron Stapleton Creative Contributor(s): Alice Steiner

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How to borrow an item

This short video provides a brief description on how to borrow an item from QUT Library. Creator(s): Sarah Howard

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This video outlines the criteria to evaluate an academic resource. Transcript available at QUT Librari -

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APA 7th In-text Referencing

How to format in-text citations using the APA 7th referencing style. Creator(s): Kathleen Horton, Stephanie Jacobs, Alice Steiner

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Referencing with APA 7th: Journal articles, websites and books

Creator(s): Alice Steiner, Thu Hoang

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KVB117 Researching Visual Artworks - Part 2: Is it scholarly?

This video will help you identify scholarly information in the field of visual arts.

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KVB117 Researching Visual Artworks - Part 1: Searching tricks

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QUT Library website tour

A short tour of the QUT Library website, as of January 2020. Creator(s): Helen Davies

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4 Tips for Awesome Searching

4 easy tips to get better results from searching - in Library Search and library databases. Creator(s): Alice Steiner

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Searching CINAHL

This short video will help you use the health database, CINAHL. Creator(s): Megan Brodribb

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MGB370 information search

An introduction to finding library information for your MGB370 assigments Creator(s): Emma Nelms

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Quickfind for FSA

Quick screencast of how to use Quickfind, using film examples. Interface current as at 14 May 2018. Made with Screencast-O-Matic Pro. Creator(s): Sally French, Ellen Thompson

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