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NP 2021 File Manager - upload files

This video shows you how to upload and store files in your ePortfolio so you can present them as Artefacts or attached to your Experiences.

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2021 Release your ePortfolio to teaching staff

This video shows you how to Release your selected Portfolio View to QUT Teaching staff for feedback.

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Create your Portfolio View and add items

This video shows you how to create your Portfolio View (the collection you require for assessment) and how to add required items.

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NS88 2021 Creating your Experiences - items

This guide shows you how to create the items required for your NS88 Clinical ePortfolio, as Experiences in the Student ePortfolio

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NSN Getting Started with your ePortfolio

This shows you an example ePortfolio similar to those you will create during your NS87 course. Creator(s): Lynn McAllister

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