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NP 2021 File Manager - upload files

This video shows you how to upload and store files in your ePortfolio so you can present them as Artefacts or attached to your Experiences.

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2021 Podiatry - Upload files and add Experiences

This video shows you how to upload your required files to the student ePortfolio and how to add reflections as Experiences.

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2021 Release your ePortfolio to teaching staff

This video shows you how to Release your selected Portfolio View to QUT Teaching staff for feedback.

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Create your Portfolio View and add items

This video shows you how to create your Portfolio View (the collection you require for assessment) and how to add required items.

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Pharmacy - Adding Experiences to your ePortfolio

This video guide shows you the steps to add content as Experiences. These are directly related to either core employability skills or discipline specific standards and competencies.

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QUT Student ePortfolio_Brief Intro

This is a brief introduction (12 mins) to the QSeP. It is designed to provide introduction when eLS staff are unable to do this in a lecture session for academics. Alternative title: QSeP Brief…

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